Marius Ladio II

Marius Ladio II

Head of Design

Helping startups craft purposeful designs with people in mind.

About the 

Marius Ladio II

"One who clears the path"

In ancient Rome, an Anteambulo is a person who walks in front of his patron to help make way, remove obstacles, and make the patron's life easier.

Hi, I'm Marius, a product designer and a modern-day Anteambulo. For over a decade, I've helped clear the path for startups, led happy teams, and crafted human-centered designs.

  • Developed the PopStar Influencer Platform roadmap and strategy, which resulted in 250,000+ influencers—the largest influencer community in Indonesia and the Philippines in 2018.
  • Designed PopSlide app used by over 1.5 million people in Southeast Asia.
  • Won creative pitches that resulted in seven-figure revenue for the company.