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If your enrolled clinic is on the app, their usual fees apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Connect with a Well Revolution doctor to get the care you need right away

What's included with my consult?

A consultation with a Well Revolution GP. The GP will decide on what care is appropriate for you.

What can't Well Revolution help with?

Well Revolution doctors are not yet able to help with
– Restricted medications, controlled drugs, opiates
– ACC claims
– Immunisations and covid tests
– Lab and radiology requests

* If your enrolled GP is in the app, they will be able to help you.
* In some cases, a Well Revolution GP may recommend alternative care options.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointment is needed. Start a private chat at any time.

How do prescriptions work?

The doctor creates and sends paperless prescriptions for you in the app. Then you choose how you want it by selecting your favourite or nearest pharmacy for the most convenient pick-up location.

Do I need to enrol?

No. Enrolment is not required to use Well Revolution doctors. Our service does not change your GP enrolment. If your enrolled clinic is using the app, you’ll find them there too.

Is Well Revolution safe?

When you use Well Revolution, you are trusting us with your information. We take your privacy seriously. The app and our services are subject to all healthcare and privacy laws and regulations in New Zealand. All doctors on Well Revolution are professional, qualified and licensed in New Zealand. Our strict privacy policies and data protection methods are designed to keep your information safe and secure.

What can Well Revolution help with?

Well Revolution doctors can help you with
– General medical advice and treatment
– Prescriptions
– Medical certificates, sick notes

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How do consults work in Well Revolution?

Start a consult with one tap and send a private and secure message to the doctor. Your message is sent directly to the doctor and you will be notified as soon as they respond. You can send text, voice and video messages, share images, videos and documents, all from inside the app.

When will I be charged for my consult?

Any charges are made at the end of your consultation with the doctor. When your consultation is completed, the doctor will close it and your registered payment card will be billed for the cost of the consultation. If a consultation is not provided, your payment card is not charged.

Can I get a certificate for time off work?

Yes, Well Revolution doctors can issue certificates for time off work during a consultation in the app. The doctor will decide if it is appropriate for you. If a certificate is created for you, you can email it to yourself or directly to your employer inside the app.

Who can use Well Revolution?

Well Revolution is open to everyone in New Zealand. There are no monthly fees. Pay only after a consult with the doctor.

Who are the doctors on Well Revolution?

All Well Revolution doctors are qualified and registered New Zealand General Practitioners.
They can help with many common medical conditions. Use a Well Revolution doctor if you don’t have a GP, can’t get to one or when your GP isn’t available.

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